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Once a Red, always a Red...

Redhill Alumni – fondly known as “Redhillians” or “Reds” walk proudly from the school gates into the world with an exceptional base of knowledge, courage and confidence. 

Our 110-year history of educational and social excellence has opened doors across the world; the RedPath is carried in the heart of every Redhillian. Our Alumni believe that once a Red, always a Red and the pride we feel comes not only from the education we received, but from the community-building we are noted for and that we are very much a part of. 

Part of being an Old Redhillian is about following a path of continuous innovation, career-wise and personally, while staying true to the foundation of ethics and principles that underscore our school. People value progress when it has a solid foundation, and we were fortunate enough to have been able to engage with Redhill’s past and build our own futures from there. 

Built on a raft of attributes and behaviours experienced by our communities, our reputation is about how we are perceived, encompassing everything people know, feel, think, hear, experience and say about Redhill. We, the Alumni, carry that through by giving back. There are many opportunities to do this at Redhill today, and to share some of your success with students who will walk in your footprints. 

The Redhill ethos is about innovative living, which means not only academic achievement, but the ongoing development of skills, knowledge and qualities required to encourage students to flourish in life, learning and work. To participate in perpetuating our legacy of participation for good, we’ve created RedPath, a portal for Reds to stay involved with each other and nourish a new generation of Old Redhillians.

Calling All Alumni

40Over the 110 years of our existence we’ve lost contact with many of our Alumni.  We believe that we only have 40% of our Alumni registered on our current database. 

Our Alumni can be found all around the world.  Our aim is to find them, create Redhillian chapters in various locations so that we can share a common memory, that of our Redhill School experience.  These hubs will also provide an opportunity for us to share our individual ‘RedPath’ journey.

Help us to build our base Take up the Alumni challenge because We Want You !

RedPath Mandate

Redhill School has been an innovator in the field of education in South Africa since its inception in 1907.  We continue to break new ground, with a focus on providing inventive and enlightening methods of teaching that set ablaze young minds, that prepare our students for a future in the global workplace, with a well-rounded view of life. 

Our continuous upward curve of improvement does require funding and cannot be extracted from income derived from our current parent body. 

Securing Redhill’s future as an Innovative School at the forefront of education belong to past, present and future students.  The RedPath initiative has been established with the core purpose being that of building a Redhill community that is invested in the on-going future of our Institution.