2018 Partnership Opportunities


Joseph RedFestWe invite you to be a part of our story…

RedFest, A Celebration of the Arts, is a showcase of creativity and performance designed to ignite the hearts and minds of aspiring young thespians. Staged over a full weekend, this event highlights contemporary, outstanding work in local performing and creative arts practices – while emphatically advocating the role of the youth within the cultural sector.

This festival is a platform from which to launch a re-energised debate around creativity, more specifically its pivotal role in the innovation of our educational landscape. By showcasing the best theatre in South Africa, as well as programming diverse fringe events that entice and delight audiences as young as three-year-olds, we hope to offer a weekend that sparks a passion for the arts across entire families.

This publication provides further details on RedFest and the attendant media partnerships on offer; we trust that you will take the time to peruse it at your leisure and decide to join us on our exciting journey.

We would welcome your further queries in this regard. Please do not hesitate to contact us.