Visual Arts at RedFest 2018

"The very nature of art questions the status quo."


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Project #001

The Arts Essential

RedFest 2018 introduces Project #001- a visual art exhibition which seeks to consider artists, educators and the broader arts community. It understands that the appreciation of art is about growing the collaborative enterprise of art collecting and art making.

On offer this year is an exhibition of local artwork, which will be available for purchase, and allow guests to make an investment in some incredible artworks.

The exhibition also includes a specially curated space by edgy, young investment art gallery, Kalashnikovv.  “This gallery characterises the ever-changing landscape of Johannesburg. They have a unique collection of young artists who are voicing strong opinions and forging interest in the art market,” says Tamara Osso, artist and educator. The gallery’s fluid and hybrid nature – it’s a commercial gallery as well as a project space for artists – makes it the ideal partner for Project #001. “We want to explore the fluidity of an art space and Kalashnikovv Gallery speaks to that sentiment,” adds Osso.

For aspirant artists, a “making” space workshopped by Michael Graham Smith presents a wonderful opportunity to learn about the drawing process. “Michael is an excellent arts writer, educator and practicing artist. This rare combination means that his particular skill set allows access into an all-inclusive professional practice, one in which learners and the public can engage with him,” explains Marisa Maré, Redhill School’s Head of Department: Visual Arts. “We are privileged and excited that he will be teaching this year at the Project #001 space”.

Project #001 will include other experimental activations, too, that will satisfy the most fervent of artistic souls.

“We decided to include a visual art component at Redfest this year because we understand that ‘the arts’ are not independent of one another. In fact, integrating the various arts in the same space is valuable because it encourages exchange between disciplines and opens up a wider community engagement. This collaborative process builds relationships which result in meaningful participation and quality art-making. These bonds should never be underestimated because they underpin social, economic and political development for future generations,” says Maré.

“Redhill school is committed to ‘innovating’, ‘educating’ and ‘contributing’. These are all ‘doing words’ which encourage action and participation. Project #001 understands that the arts are an essential part of an education which prides itself on being innovative, quality driven, empathetic and open. Education, professional practice and community are therefore interlinked and Redhill is excited to bring that energy into home soil,” adds Tamara Osso.

Drawing Workshop Michael Graham Smith

Michael Graham Smith is an excellent arts writer, educator and practicing artist.

This rare combination means that his particular skill set allows access into an all-inclusive professional practice. One which learners and the public can engage him on and learn from. He easily accommodates novice or experienced artists in his workshop and we  are privileged and excited that he will be teaching drawing skills this year at the Project #001 space.

The workshop is suited for persons 14 years or older. Bring your drawing materials, sketchbooks or visual journal.


  • Date: 29 September from 10:00 – 12:30
  • Cost: R120
  • Venue: Future Focus Centre



Quick Links to Kalashnikovv's Website

Io Makandal

I meander through materials and themes, working automatically, intuiting objects in space, off setting and pairing them with unexpected counterparts. The material ‘things’ range from detritus collected off the street to plant matter, to commodity objects, to industrial matter. I am concerned with chance, order and chaos and how, if I set up a designated space, the objects can begin to jostle up against each other in a sort of struggle for power.

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Jason Bronkhorst

His latest series is entitled – The Board of Directors – “Trash Capitalism” reflecting upon post colonialism, capitalism, patriarchy and white Supremacy in Contemporary South Africa.

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Theresa-Anne Mackintosh

Mackintosh develops her work from a position of quiet but intense subjectivity while remaining sensitive to the broader human condition. In the process, she has created a very distinct visual lexicon, giving shape to various personal situations, gestures and symbols.

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Craig Smith

Craig is a self taught artist, photographer, designer who was born in 1961. He started a career in photography in 1981, assisting the top commercial and fashion photographers in Johannesburg at that time. In 1987 he moved to the medium of paint and started working as a scenic artist in film and private commissions.

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Alex Trapani

Grace Bennett

Michael Smith

Nico Ras

Renée Koch

Tamara Osso

Thato Finger

Claire Lichtenstein

Kiveshan Thumbiran

Mmabatho Grace Mokalapa

Renee Johannes

Sue Martin

Surav Balram

Quick Links to Kalashnikovv's Website

Maja Maljevic

I enjoy a visual ensemble that includes the figurative and the abstract, the organic and geometric, the obvious and the elusive. Put them all together and you get an eclectic remix where any one thing can be something else. A portrait can rise out of a still life, a still life can descend into a landscape, a finger is a toe and two legs, slightly parted, might be a whisper.

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Nathan Vuuren

I seek to find a metaphor for the aftermath of excess that I perceive in the world. I want to create an imagined reality against which each of us may then measure our own. To me this creative process is more meaningful, in a way, than the reality from which it is drawn.

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Maaike Bakker

Bakker’s work predominantly explores themes of notation and ephemerality. Her practice also investigates limitations imposed by systems or structures and aims to determine at what point such structures may become excessive and irrelevant, ultimately exploring futility.

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