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Redhill School with &CO presents POLKADOTS: THE COOL KIDS MUSICAL, the fun and fresh award-winning off-Broadway family show that reminds us what makes us different makes us awesome!

Joseph Gerassi - Executive Head, Redhill School


"RedFest at Redhill School is a platform from which to launch a re-energised debate around creativity, more specifically its pivotal role in the innovation of our educational landscape. By showcasing the best theatre in South Africa, as well as programming diverse fringe events that entice and delight audiences as young as three-year-olds, we aim to offer a weekend that sparks a passion for the arts across entire families.

Enjoy RedFest and in particular Polkadots!" - Joseph Gerassi


Polkadots | The winner of the 2018 Off-Broadway Alliance Award for Best Family Show, POLKADOTS tackles themes of diversity, inclusion, racism and bullying head-on, all the while celebrating “what makes us different makes us awesome!”

Redhill’s commitment

Redhill School has made a commitment to stage productions of the highest quality, and POLKADOTS is no exception! Through a partnership with &CO, Redhill School proudly presents the first international production of this award-winning show. The show will make its South African debut when it premieres at RedFest 2018.

The show is taking the United States by storm and we are thrilled to be bringing the show to South African audiences, making this the first production outside of the U.S. The story was originally inspired by the story of Ruby Bridges and The Little Rock Nine students, who were the first African-American kids to be integrated into an all-white school in America.

South Africa’s own Greg Borowsky, the man behind the hit show’s music, says “it’s about the hardships they encountered and had to overcome in order to make history. As a South African growing up during the transition from apartheid to democracy, the parallels struck me. I knew it was an important story to tell. We’re certainly living in one of the most divisive times in America and the world, and the more children, parents, and teachers we can reach with this story, the more we can remind them never to forget, and never to repeat.”

More about POLKADOTS

POLKADOTS follows Lily Polkadot, who has just moved to the “Squares Only” small town of Rockaway. As the first Polkadot to attend the all-Square school, Lily faces an almost impossible challenge: gaining the acceptance of her peers. From daily bullying, to segregated drinking fountains, Lily’s quest seems hopeless until she meets a shy Square boy whose curiosity allows an unexpected friendship to bloom between them.

POLKADOTS is produced by Joseph Gerassi for Redhill School, in association with &CO producers Drew Bakker and Rowan Bakker and associate producer Matthew Counihan (Redhill School’s very own Director of Visual and Performing Arts).

POLKADOTS is suitable for audiences ages 4 and up.

For more information, follow POLKADOTS South Africa backstage on Facebook @PolkadotsSA, and use our official hashtag #PolkadotsSA.

The creative team

This brand new production is led by an award-winning team: director and choreographer Shelley Adriaanzen, with musical supervisor Rowan Bakker and production designer Sarah Roberts.  &CO began producing in 2017 with their unique take on Seussical Jr, which was the talk of the festival. Since then their special brand of entertainment has included cabarets featuring award winning actress Kate Normington and Binnelanders star Germandt Geldenhuys. Audiences will also remember their “Barely Legal Showtunes”, featuring some of SA’s hottest up and coming performers.

POLKADOTS is produced by Joseph Gerassi for Redhill School, in association with &CO producers Drew Bakker and Rowan Bakker and associate producer Matthew Counihan.


  • Tuesday 2 October @15:30

  • Wednesday 3 October @ 15:30

  • Thursday 4 October @ 15:30

  • Friday 5 October @ 15:30 and at 17:00

  • Saturday 6 October @ 10:00, @ 12:00 and @ 14:00

This family favourite will run 28 – 30 September 2018 as part of RedFest at the Redhill School Auditorium - Read more.


Upcoming Shows

POLKADOTS is about to head out on a national tour of the States, spreading the love and speaking up about anti-bullying! So cool! AND we're doing the first international production of this off-Broadway hit in only a few weeks time! What a great time to be in Rockaway!



What you need to know, to book.

From the producers that brought you last year's hit SEUSSICAL JR., we're back with a whole new award-winning show that is sure to delight you and your family, promising to be a festival highlight!

We'll walk you through everything you need to know!

  • Head on over to Webtickets!
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It's a great 55-minute show all about anti-bullying told in a really fun and fresh way with kids coming out celebrating the message "what makes us different makes us AWESOME!" (... and use our hashtags #PolkadotsSA and#RedFestZA!)... It's THAT easy!


Who's it right for?

Kids as young as three love it! Students up to Grade 9 love it! And it's for the whole family! You'll have a blast! Don't believe us? Head over to Spotify and stream the album!

You're welcome ...

Seats are limited in the Redhill Auditorium, so book early! Want to organise a group? We love 'em! Pop an email to bookings@redhillschool.co.za and we'll sort you out!

See you at the theatre!

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What's so special?

We're bringing families a brand new award-winning show, an award-winning creative team (with a designer from BROADWAY?!) and a top cast of professionals you've seen on stage from the national tour of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, the national tour of KING KONG, FRECKLEFACE STRAWBERRY herself and more!

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