RedAhead is a collaborative platform

“Any education is, in its form and methods, an outgrowth of the needs of the society in which it exits.” - John Dewey, Educational Reformist.

Moving ahead into a century where ‘change management’ is no longer a job description, but rather an ingrained component of every employment niche out there, Redhill Innovate, RedAhead recognizes the need to prepare our students for the working future. RedAhead is a collaborative platform developed with leading educators, innovators, pupils and leaders of commerce to design strategies and solutions for 21st century challenges. We believe it is only through a willingness to recognise and change education as necessary, leading to a logical and open partnership with business and the world at large, that Redhill students will be able to both participate in and lead the very different global economy of the future. RedAhead is a nod to the future – and to the future young, working adults who walk through our gates -  and the only answer to a rapidly changing world our students will face.