Redhill Innovate was established in 2017 to bridge the gap between the formal education system and the global world beyond school.  Redhill School’s heritage of over a century of remaining relevant and at the forefront of education positions us perfectly to contribute to and, collaborate with the world beyond school and our borders, to decode what the future may hold and formulate how best to prepare our young people to be global contributing citizens.

Redhill Innovate’s suite of forward thinking initiatives RedPath, RedAhead, RedFest and RedCare embrace innovative concepts in Education today.  Initiating conversations, shaping trends aimed at preparing young people to leave the comfort of formal education better prepared to face the global marketplace.


Redhill Alumni – fondly known as “Redhillians” or “Reds” walk proudly from the school gates into the world with an exceptional base of knowledge, courage and confidence. 

Our 110-year history of educational and social excellence has opened doors across the world; the RedPath is carried in the heart of every Redhillian. Our Alumni believe that once a Red, always a Red and the pride we feel comes not only from the education we received, but from the community-building we are noted for and that we are very much a part of.


“Any education is, in its form and methods, an outgrowth of the needs of the society in which it exits.” - John Dewey, Educational Reformist.

Moving ahead into a century where ‘change management’ is no longer a job description, but rather an ingrained component of every employment niche out there, Redhill Innovate, RedAhead recognizes the need to prepare our students for the working future. RedAhead is a collaborative platform developed with leading educators, innovators, pupils and leaders of commerce to design strategies and solutions for 21st century challenges.


Developing an appreciation of arts and culture, as well as their practice and presentation, is an essential component of the Redhill ethos.  Global studies, and our own experience spanning over a century in education, prove that students who study arts experience an enhanced process of learning, improved integrated sensory, attentional, cognitive, emotional, and motor capacities.


Our inherent forward-thinking approach and intensive research into improved education techniques and practices provide us with insight into the world that awaits our students; the emerging world of work.  The skills required to thrive in this future world go beyond a well-rounded education which builds strength of character.  

We believe that well-being can be cultivated, and our emerging graduates are proof of the value of the RedCare approach. Our approach is that of integrating Body, Mind and Soul. RedCare offers our stakeholders and communities with a multi-disciplined assortment of activities that ensure a holistic approach to well-being.


About Redhill Innovate

Redhill Innovate’s triad of RedAhead, RedFest and RedCare are innovative concepts in Education today which aim to initiate conversations and shape trends with enthusiastic pertinent stakeholders who share our commitment of preparing young people to leave the comfort of formal education better prepared to face the Global world of work.

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